Truly, Honestly – Blessed

It is days like today, that I can sit back and reflect while listening to some music; and realize that I have some truly amazing people in my life. Life has been a difficult road for me, and it has thrown many curve balls throughout the years.

However, here I sit smiling and full of happiness because I have the amazing man that I dreamed of as a little girl, two beautiful children that came with him.

I have a mom, not just a mother, but a mom who did her best as a single mom. Who sacrificed so much of her life and ambitions to raise two children who were Hell. I have a mom who I adore and look up to, someone I can confide in, and love wholeheartedly.

I have a dad, who came into my life in 2007 that I just love unconditionally. I was a skeptic at first because of past issues, but this man is wonderful. I am proud to say he IS my dad and I would not trade him for the world.

My brother, oh sweet Jason, we had a rough time learning how to get along. We still will bump heads, and piss each other off; but isn’t that what siblings are for? We may be in our 20′s and almost 30′s but you will forever be my baby brother, the one man in this world that I can hate yet love at the same time. The person no one else is allowed to talk shit about, but me.

My grandparents, oh goodness how I miss you. You two were the PERFECT love story, role models and grandparents. Never was their judgment unless tattoos or piercings were involved – but that is because of the generation gap. Never was there pressure to be someone I wasn’t, or to do things I was not comfortable with. I miss you two more than words could ever express and love you two more than ever.

Friends, oh the triumphs and tribulations I have had in this area. There have been “friends” and FRIENDS. I am so very thankful for everyone who decided to stab me in the back, be two-faced and liars. I have been through it all with people who are fake, who lie and are just plain bad people. Buuuut, then there are those of you that I have now, I would not trade you for the world. It has taken me a long time to be content in who I have in my life, to trust and open up to most. I thank you all for putting up with my craziness at times.

Life throws curve balls and difficult times to mold you into who you are going to be, who you are meant to be. The people that come into your life are meant to be the ones who guide us, whether it is a good person or not – it was meant to happen.