You know, I never realized just how much family should mean to me.
But as time goes on, I have seen the light. My family is not full of the greatest people.

They are judgmental, controlling, and self-righteous.
If they do not agree with what you FEEL, they discard you.
If they do not agree with your decisions as an adult, they discard you.

Being ignored, and treated as if I am still a child is not what I thought my family would do as I got my life on track. I didn’t know they still wanted control, and would try to make me as miserable as I was when I was a teen. But apparently, they do.

Ignore my messages, my feelings, my thoughts, my opinions.

I am at the point in my life, where I feel no regret. I see the light, and I see your games. I refuse to allow you to bring me down, to try and control me.

I am 28 years old. It is time that YOU grow up, and see this. See that I am happy, I am making something of myself, I have a new life. Just because I do not need you does not mean I love you any less or want you out of my life. But apparently to some of you this is true.

Since pushing me away, and ignoring me is what you wish to do. I hope in the end you regret it all. I regret nothing. I expressed how I felt, and finally said how I felt. You can no longer keep me under your thumb. I am an adult, with a life of my own. You have either lived yours, or are fucking it up. That is NOT my fault.

I have grown over the last few years, did a lot of soul searching. I cater to no one but myself. I can finally put myself first, and my happiness above all else. I learned the right set of truths to ease my pain, and my questions.

If you keep it up, you are buying a one way ticket out of my life. If you can live with that then so be it.

I am not going to change who I am, and what I feel to suit your needs, emotions or wants.